UCMed’s DNC Introduces New Diabetes Care Platform

The University of Cebu Medical Center’s (UCMed) Diabetes and Nutrition Center (DNC) is the first in Visayas and Mindanao region to use a digital diabetes care platform to provide patients with more personalized and concrete care.

Roche Philippines Inc.’s Diabetes Care Platform (RDCP) is a digital system that stores all information about diabetic patients in one place.

The new platform is infused with MySugr app which can be installed on smartphones where patients can seamlessly sync data from their blood glucose meters via Bluetooth.

From the MySugr app, patients can upload the information to RDCP where clinicians can see, monitor, and evaluate their blood glucose remotely.

This system provides automated and integrated data, helping clinicians have efficient patient consults by spending less time collecting patients’ information.

With the comprehensive information that the platform can provide, it is easier for clinicians to convert patient data into actionable insights, making it more seamless in identifying patterns and areas that need rapid intervention or treatment adjustment.

The platform also enables more efficient workflow and provides tools that bring value to patient care.

UCMed’s Diabetes Educators underwent training on the new platform last June 3, 2022, and implemented the system in the same month.

UCMed will continue to work and innovate to improve its services and provide a quality patient care experience.

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UCMed Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

UCMed eHealth for Maternity Package Deal Program

Last updated:  March 24, 2020

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To better serve the needs of people in the community, health care services are now available by the electronic transmission of information. This may assist in the evaluation, diagnosis, management and treatment of a number of health care problems for the women enrolled in UCMed Maternity Package Deal Program.  This process is referred to as “telemedicine” ,“telehealth” or “eHealth.” This means that you may be evaluated and treated by a health care provider or specialist from a distant location. Since this may be different than the type of consultation with which you are familiar, it is important that you understand and agree to the following statements.

  1. The eHealth OB-Gyn healthcare provider will be at a different location from me.
  2. I may be asked for my medical history, examinations, x-rays, tests, photographs or other images by the specialist who is at a different location.
  3. I will be informed if any additional personnel are to be present other than myself, individuals accompanying me, and the eHealth OB-Gyn healthcare provider. I will give my permission prior to the entry of the additional personnel.
  4. The eHealth OB-Gyn healthcare provider will keep a record of the consultation in my medical record.
  5. RELEASE OF INFORMATION: eHealth OB-Gyn healthcare providers who provide professional services to the patient are authorized to furnish medical information from my emergency medical record to the another physician, if any, and to any insurance company or third party payer for the purpose of obtaining payment of the account. eHealth OB-Gyn healthcare provider is authorized to release information from my medical record to any other health care facility or provider to which my care may be transferred.
  6. I voluntarily consent to health care services provided by my doctor(s) or a designee, which may include diagnostic tests, drugs, examinations, and medical or surgical treatments considered necessary to treat my health problem.
  7. I understand that I may be released before all my medical problems are known or treated and it is my responsibility to make arrangements for follow-up care.
  8. I understand that I have the option to refuse eHealth service at anytime without affecting the right to future care or treatment and without risk losing my benefits.

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