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Eliminate FAT with UCMed’s Cooltech Treatments


One of the most common problems people deal with when aging is how to eliminate fat. Even with regular exercise and proper diet, tummy rolls, arm flabs and jiggly thighs can still occur. Fortunately for Cebuanos, the newest technology on non-surgical fat elimination is now available at the Skin & Wellness Center at UCMed.

The first and only one in Cebu, cooltech fat freezing treatment is at the forefront of complete fat elimination and full body contouring through a process called  Cryoadipolysis by vacuum freezing. This technology allows patients to eliminate fat deposits on any area of the body safely. Cooltech is a highly effective non-surgical body contouring treatment alternative to liposuction surgery.

With more than 1,000,000 Treatments at 95% success rate, Cooltech is the easiest way to eliminate FAT and transform your body!

What is the Cooltech Treatment?

Cooltech provides definition to your body by reducing localized fat cells using your body’s natural process of elimination. The cooltech treatment applies cold to areas with unwanted fats and freezes the fat cells triggering a programmed death or cell apoptosis.

What do I need to consider if I want to undergo a cooltech treatment?

Cooltech is a non-invasive treatment.

Th treatment lasts up to 70 minutes per session. You may relax, sleep, read or enjoy your favorite show during the session.

This painless treatment requires NO recovery time.

What happens after the cooltech session?

Once frozen, your body will eliminate fat cells organically through the lymphatic system. After 15 days ONLY, dead fat cells will begin to be progressively eliminated resulting to a slimmer silhouette and increased definition in the treated area.

Eliminate fat and get the body you deserve, fast and safe! Visit the Skin & Wellness Center at UCMed for your face and body needs. Book your appointments today and avail of our BIG discounts up to 50% OFF for the first 100 customers: www.ucmed.ph/skincenter