Free Online Charity Consultation / Telemedicine Program


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Telemedicine?
    TELEMEDICINE refers to the practice of providing medical care to patients remotely when the physician and patient are not physically together, by the use of information and communications technology (ICT) through computer, tablet or smartphone
  2. Who are eligible for UCMED’s Social Service Program and thus may avail of a Telemedicine consult?
    New applicants will be screened by the resident physician during the initial consult.
    RESTRICTIONS/EXCLUSIONS: Adults with the following medical conditions may not be accepted into UCMed’s SOCIAL SERVICE PROGRAM:
    • Post Surgical and Terminal Cancer Patients (with exceptions)
    • Medico Legal Cases (except for required cases needed by the Ortho RTP) – Patient has to sign a waiver that they will not involve the doctors in the cases. Consultant-On-Call should supervise
    • Aesthetic Surgeries
    • Management of Private Patients with complications related to previous surgery or procedures
    • Critically ill patients who will need ICU admission (In-patient Admission will need approval)
    • CNS Infections (In-patient Admission will need approval)
    • Chronic Illnesses or conditions foreseen to require more than 1 week management as in-patient should not be accepted
    • Communicable diseases like PTB, Leprosy (preferably handled as out-patient but needs approval for in-patient management) – depending on the availability of the Isolation room (If AFB Smear is negative, patient does not need isolation) Inform Infection Control service.
    • Acute viral illness like measles, chicken pox, mumps (preferably handled as out-patient but needs approval for in-patient management)
    • Patients with HMO cards.
  3. What is the process to follow for Telemedicine?
    1. Sign and accept the Terms and Conditions.
    2. Book your appointment through https://
    3. Download the Google Meet app
    4. Wait for the meeting link on the day of your appointment.
  4. How long will the consultation take place?
    The time allotted for each Telemedicine consult is 20 minutes.
  5. How will the prescriptions and lab requests are given?
    The prescriptions and lab requests will be sent through email.
  6. What if I cannot make it to the appointed slot?
    Please call IM Department @ 517-0888 Local 1560 / 09176211038 as soon as possible
  7. How much is the payment for Telemedicine?
    If you have been accepted to the UCMED Social Service Charity Program, this service is free. However, if you will consult physically in the UCMed OPD, you will be charged Php150.00.

Please select a department to schedule a telemedicine appointment.