About US

Our Vision

A premiere institution committed to provide quality, affordable, efficient and person-centered healthcare.


University of Cebu Medical Center aims to be a leader in providing comprehensive and quality healthcare as well as maintaining value for its patients and stakeholders.


I. Provide exceptional quality patient-centered service by empowering and engaging the patient on their own healthcare journey

II. Promote excellence in educational programs and the training of medical and paramedical professionals while encouraging/facilitating educational and professional advancement.

III. Encourage ethical research activities essential for medical advancement.

IV. Ensure the viability and sustainability of the institution.

V. Provide a challenging and rewarding environment where associates are encouraged to grow personally and professionally and foster a relationship of trust among the associates based on an open communication and a spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and respect.

VI. Foster linkages and networking with agencies and other similar facilities for complementation and sharing of resources.